Born in Derby England, the singer/songwriter began her 
distinguished musical career at the tender age of 6.  She 
received vocal training from her mother, who was the lead 
singer of the family band The Rumbling Express Band 
headquartered in Jamaica Queens, New York, with Marcia and 
her sister providing background vocals. During the mid “70’s” 
The Rumbling Express Band including Marcia, was the leading 
backing band for many artists from Jamaica until the early “80’s” 
where her family decided to move to Florida. The band name 
was changed to Love and Desire but was short lived. 

Her first single called “Tell Me” was released in 1990 by her 
brother and producer George (Meco7) Ball. Later, during her 
musical journey, and being in a band called Earth Force, she 
was approached by disc jockey, John T of WAVS 1170 radio 
station, who introduced her to one of Jamaica's biggest female 
vocalist, and queen of Reggae, Marcia Griffiths. This was the 
beginning of a new era where Marcia's talent was being 
recognized as she became one of Ms. Griffiths' background 

As she became more familiar on the reggae scene, she 
met producer/DJ Roger Ranks with whom she did her first 
duet album in 1996. Marcia J. Ball also had the pleasure 
of working with other producers such as Taurus Alfonso, 
Isaiah (Sound Vision Records), Hopeton (The Pen) Lindo, 
Rupert (Silver Dove Records), Dr. Paul & Danny 

In the early part of 2003, Marcia launched a new single 
called “Drive me Crazy” arranged by Dr. Paul and 
produced by Rupert Graham (Silver Dove Records) and 
Althea Brown. In 2004, Marcia completed her first album 
“Right on Time” produced by John Samuels of Tabbath 

Productions which saturated the airways in the latter part 
of 2004. In 2006, Marcia’s second album “Choices and Changes” produced by her 
brother/producer George (Meco7) Ball for Prajek 9 Productions, Samuel 
(Genius) Dyatt (One Harmony Records) and Althea Brown for Pops Girl 

In 2011, the Unveiled EP was released produced by her brother (Prajek9) 
production. It was then she was approached by her present manager 
Conroy Lawrence from the UK who took an interest in her singing abilities, 
and it was then a musical relationship was established. In 2012, Richard 
Grant (Poorman Production) released a duet by Ambelique featuring 
Marcia J. Ball which became song of the week on John T’s weekly pick and 
No. 1 on Mikey B’s top 10 list. 

At this present time, singles after singles, Marcia J. Ball has released her 
fourth album Hello World produced at Rhymax records and written by 
Dwight Oliver. She has other releases such as an awesome rendition of 
Patty Drew’s ‘Tell Him’ Produced by Zelly Muzic and alongside Endel I, 
“Since you came into My Life”.  Another song released entitled The Journey 
Featuring Dean Frazer, is produced by Trevor Elliott for The Musical 
Ambassador Label. Furthermore, more singles are being heard by Marcia 
J. Ball such as a duet alongside Orrahjahni “I’m Your Bredren” and 
“Another Love Song” and much more to be heard from her.  Other release 
singles are “ Can You Feel It” featured on the Lover’s In Love EP, produced 
by Sidney Mills (Former member of Steele Pulse), “Time Change” also 
produced by Richard (Poorman Production) and Zion High Production 
which has been sweeping the nation. 

Presently Marcia J. Ball’s voice and music is being heard as far as; 
Jamaica, West Africa, Europe, Asia the Caribbean and parts of the Middle